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 Themed Care Packages- Holidays

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PostSubject: Themed Care Packages- Holidays   Themed Care Packages- Holidays Icon_minitimeWed Sep 10, 2008 6:33 pm

Valentine's Day
- Make a puzzle out of a picture of yourself or a love letter. You can have these made at Wal-Mart, Kinkos, etc. Or if you're creative get out the glue, cardboard, and scissors and give it a try!
- Send red boxers with hearts or lips on them.
- Hershey's kisses are always a good choice. Write something on the little tags if you're feeling ambitious!
- Sexy love letters are great. Write one yourself or go to and have them make a free one for you. They have something for everyone from romantic to x-rated!
- A favorite romantic movie of his.
- Mixed CD full of love songs.
- Handmade Valentines
- A romantic book
Personalize M&M's in pink, red, and white.
- A letter of all the reason you love them.
- A Victoria's Secret magazine with your face glued on all the models.
- a pair of clean panties that smell like your laundry or perfume (or maybe a pillowcase if you're a bit shy).
- Happy Valentine's Day Card
- Personalized Valentine's Message
- 6" Valentine's Plush Bear
- Necco Conversation Hearts
- Hershey's Hugs and Kisses
- Nestle's Crunch Hearts
- Sweetarts Hearts
- Big Red Gum
- Red and White Mints
- Twizzlers
- Homemade valentines.
small "friendly" gift such as warm socks or a stuffed animal.
- Valentine cards from local school children
- A valentine letter wrote entirely with candy message hearts glued to the paper.

St. Patrick's Day
- green beanie baby
- green jelly beans
- instant irish coffee
- rice krispie treats dyed green
- potato soup
- green sugar 4 leaf clover cookies
- Irish Spring soap
- taste the rainbow of "skittles"
- Lucky Charms cereal
- small toys from Oriental trading company or your local party store
- gum in green wrappers
- kiss me I'm Irish boxers
- Green Monsters energy drink

- easter basket
- eggs
- toys hidden in eggs
- Banners to decorate their rooms or mess hall that say Happy Easter. -Confetti to decorate the table
- Easter Pinata to send along with the candy so the soldiers can fill the pinata and have at it, -Water Guns that are shaped like Easter
- jelly beans
- starburst,
- bunny corn,
- skittles
- chocolate eggs
- peeps
- Easter M&Ms

Fourth of July
One Idea, A Note that say:
Thanks for defending
the red, white, and blue.
We want you to know
that we're thinking of you.
So here are some treats-
all in U.S. hues,
To help you combat
the "Mess Hall Blues"!
Red, White & Blue Crinkle Paper
Red, White & Blue - Chex Mix
Red, White & Blue - Cracker Jacks
Red & White - Starlight Mints
Red - Nacho Cheese Doritos
Red - Atomic Fire Balls
Red - Twizzlers
Red - Gatorade Drink Mix
Red - Skittles
White - Tic Tacs
Blue - Rice Krispie Treat
Blue - Winterfresh Gum
- Cards from local school children
-4th of July type movies
- 4th of July music
- 4th of July items from Oriental Trading
- 4th of July table decorations/picnic items
- American Flags

Thanksgiving Dinner
- canned turkey
- instant mashed potato cups,
- hard breadsticks
- gravy in a jar (wrapped in bubble wrap)
- Hostess apple pies,
- small can of corn (or other veggie),
- something special to cheer them up on Thanksgiving (pictures from home, magazines, tape recorded tape, small scrapbook, etc)

- a small christmas tree and mini ornaments
- Tiny wrapped packages (use gum, mints, or small items to go under the tree)
-other decorations
- santa hat
- candy canes for his unit
- stockings filled with small items and candy
- CD with Christmas Music
- CD of you (and your children) singing Christmas carols
- advent calendar
- a box of Christmas Cards stamped and addressed to the soldier's family
Small Gifts
- silly Putty
- humorous books
- Legos
- footballs
- hack sacks
- board games
- small electronic games
- small wrapped items to the theme of the "Twelve Days of Christmas"
-holiday scented candle (pine, cinnamon, baking)
- holiday scented oil
- Fresh baked cookies (packaged just right)
- SPAM (Christmas "ham")
- Vienna Sausages
- Sausage and cheese (eg Hickory Farms)
- Holiday RITZ crackers
- Mixed nuts (in shell) with a nut cracker
- homemade cookies
- Christmas m&m's
- Holiday coffee & creamer
- Hot cocoa or cider
- Hot chocolate mixed with candy canes
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Themed Care Packages- Holidays
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