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 Things to Include in a Basic Care package

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PostSubject: Things to Include in a Basic Care package   Wed Sep 10, 2008 6:17 pm

hard pretzels, mixed nuts, canned fruit(in pop-top cans), dried fruit, beef jerky, canned chips, trail mix, instant oatmeal packets, small cereal boxes(add milk kind), rice krispie treats, granola bars, cereal bars, ramen noodles, tuna(in pouch or pop-top cans), hard candy(no chocolate), powdered drink mixes, coffee(in pouches), tea bags, wheat thins, fig newtons, fruit rollups, microwave popcorn, cheese and cracker packs, styrofoam cup ravioli/spaghetti

baby wipes, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, deodorant, antibacterial hand soap, disposable razors, eye glass wipes, kleenex, toilet paper(travel size), visine, combs/brushes, foot powder, dental floss, nail clippers, lip balm, sunscreen, cough drops, aloe vera burn gel, q-tips, hand/body lotion, mouthwash, aspirin, bug spray, multi-vitamins, shoe insole cushions(gel kind is best)

bungee cords, single use cameras, playing cards, cds, newspaper sports sectons, frisbees, pillow cases, small tape recorder & tapes, AA & AAA batteries, sports magazines, gum, lifesavers, paperback books, mini board games, dvds, nerf balls(basketball, football), ball point pens, stationary, postage stamps(rolls of 42 cent), envelopes, super glue
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Things to Include in a Basic Care package
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